Transform CX For Securities Workflows With Speed And Scalability

Welcome to Aiceresoft's InAppChat services - the solution to enhance communication within your app! Our InAppChat services provide an intuitive and efficient way to engage with your users and keep them connected to your application.

With our InAppChat services, you can integrate real-time messaging, voice, and video chat capabilities seamlessly into your app. Whether you are building a social network, a gaming app, or a collaboration tool, our InAppChat services offer the flexibility and scalability to meet your specific needs.

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On-demand securities services through makes CX seamless

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AI Driven DEMAT Account Opening

Improve operational efficiency through onboarding, Demat account opening and KYC processes automation.

Payments / Money Transfer

From transfering your equity investments to bank deposits to debt mutual funds, make payment transfer business stress free, simple and seamless.

FAQ Automation

Automate routine queries regarding market information, stock equity, portfolio, orders, equities, mutual funds and so on.

The enterprise grade AI solutions designed to accelerate end to end customer experience journey

Automate trading and investment workflows to eliminate turnaround time with our intelligent virtual assistant (IVA). Streamline your complete communication channel with’s AI driven voice, email and chat bot automation. Empowered with advanced NLP, these bots are more than capable of handling complex customer queries.