Cancellation Policy

Aiceresoft believes in having good customer relations and respecting customer decisions. Aiceresoft has developed smooth and easy cancellation policies which are important when it comes to customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is important for businesses to set up a clear cancellation policy that is easy to understand and follow. Having a cancellation policy in place helps customers feel secure in their purchase decisions and builds trust between the customer and the business.

Customers registered with Aiceresoft can cancel their services at any point of time during the services procured. The services canceled in the Proceeding month or in the mind of the month there will be no Refund. If the policy is cancelled on the last working day of the month, the next month will be held and following month onwards the services will be cancelled.

We understand that sometimes plans change, and you may need to cancel our products or services with us. To make the cancellation process as smooth as possible, we have established the following cancellation policy:

  1. Cancellation Timeframe You may cancel our products during our 14-day free trail time. We don't take any credit cards or bank cards to use our services to test. You are very free to test our product in full license in 14days.
  2. Late Cancellations: Aiceresoft will not offer cancellation of payments once the payment is made. As we are offering the 14days trial period.
  3. No-Show Policy: If you do not show even after payment, its your responsibility to use our services which are intended to enhance your business services. Aiceresoft doesn't owns any responisiblity of No-Show after payment is made.
  4. We apologize for any inconvenience that our no refund policy may cause as our products have capabilities to satisfy every individual customer. Hence the refund and Cancellation of services is not possible. please do not hesitate to contact us.